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Market-based valuations and advanced analytics for the art market

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Who is Behind Art Auction Analytics?

Art Auction Analytics was established by Morgan Ellsworth Baird, whose background combines the fundamentals of Art History with sophisticated financial and portfolio modeling. The tool reflects twenty years of experience in art and business.

A graduate of Lawrence University, Mr. Baird also holds an M.A. in Art History from Boston University and an M.B.A. in finance and corporate accounting from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. Mr. Baird has consulted for arts organizations and museums, and these engagements have afforded him the opportunity to learn all facets of the art trade. While a college student, he curated a retrospective for a notable regional artist, and as a graduate student modeled financial impacts on planned gifts at a mid-tier museum.

More recently, Mr. Baird has focused on providing financial and operational consulting from start-ups to mid-market companies. In these roles, he was often responsible for developing customized models designed to simplify and clarify corporate decision making.

The principles of Art Auction Analytics are based on analytics developed by Mr. Baird while working with two partner boutique investment banks in 2009. Termed Affordable Debt Options, this model uses a similar comparative-based approach for valuing bank loans and loan portfolios, investment portfolios and the performance of individual companies or securities so as to bring key drivers of performance and expected performance into sharper focus. The underlying methodology of Affordable Debt Options, when applied to art auctions, provides new and enhanced levels of analysis.