Insights for Better Decision-Making

Another Level of Art Market Analysis

[Needs to be reworded] Expand your art market intelligence by adding a new layer of market insights. Our research expands on topical art market impacts, details hard-to-see trends, and establishes metric relationships to give you a fuller picture of what is happening enabling access to critical analyses you need.

our suite of art indices

The AAA 100

The AAA 100 is our flagship Post-War & Contemporary art index. Consisting of 100 artists from diverse genres, locations, and career point.

By itself, the AAA 100 is revealing, but when compared to other indices, it becomes a powerful tool to understand what is happening within different market sectors.

 [Need to add comment about other Indices available]

Art Market Today a Focus on Investing in Art

[This language needs to be cleaned up] Art Market Today is our vehicle to report on the art market, articulating on key maret topics and events. Our goal is to go beyond basic data analysis and market buzz to provide insights underpinned by a strong set of objective, financial-based, analyses.

Our articles are a blend of what is happening in the market and topics that will have an impact on art as an investment.